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Playing with death

by Nikki

I have suffered from bulimia for just about four years now. It stemmed from self hatred and depression. But now it's my life. It dictates what mood I'm in. It dictates what kinda day I will have.

This bulimia story is humiliating, because it was extremely dangerous. On more than one occasion, I poisoned myself in order to purge. I drank warm salt water, with a lot of salt, which causes sodium poisoning. My body made me throw it up, or else I would die because my insides would dry out. The taste of the salt water was horrific, and eventually I stopped because I just couldn't do it anymore.

I'm not telling you this to give you a new way to purge. I'm telling you this to show you how this disease completely takes over your life. I didn't care that I was putting my life in danger, I just needed to throw up. It's not Okay that this disease ruins every aspect of your life-- physically, mentally, and most deadly: emotionally.

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