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plastic bags and peanut butter jars!!

by morgan d
(new york, usa)

Yes you read that correctly. Four solid years of bulimia makes you 'crafty' in this disease. I double up plastic bags and throw them in my closet...sometimes I leave them there for so long the vomit seeps through and creates a moldy mess. I'm actually a very neat and tidy perfectionist/ this is absolutly apalling to me (but I do it anyway! It's so easy) I also go to drive-thu's and ask for more plastic bags......and I sit in my car and vomit and throw them out the window and watch them explode in the rear-view mirror. Sick and twisted I know!! Its like watching my bad thoughts explode and disappear. Anyway my new thing is puking into peanut butter jars and tossing them when I'm done. I live with my parents so I don't want them to know about my late night purging:( I hope this story helps you all know that you can never be 'too strange' no matter how normal you may seem. God bless all of you!!!! Good luck!

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