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Pink Ring in Toilet, Vomit Smell, Frequent Bathroom Trips

by Ana

I've noticed that (as someone who is the sole cleaner of the house, and regularly) a pink ring has formed rather quickly around our toilet. Also, my girlfriend's eating habits have changed, and she's commonly complaining of an upset stomach. Also, she only used to use the bathroom maybe 3 or 4 times a day, now she is taking up to 6 or so visits, depending... and I hardly ever hear her vocally complain of hunger anymore. I've smelled vomit on three distinct occasions in the past three weeks: once in the bathroom, once outside by our front porch (where I found chewed up eggs on one occasion, and half digested rice on the other occasion), and finally when I went to kiss her... she TASTED OF IT! I think this may have n=been going on for a couple of months now. She has lost X pounds within the past year, though thankfully I noticed that much of it was due to diet and activity, but I begin to doubt how much was due to an ED. I feel like she got excited with her previous weight loss this year, and saw no harm in finding an easy way to lose more. I'm actually beginning to suspect that some of her friends in another city where she currently resides (a metropolis, we know how tense and pressured people can be in densely populated areas!) may have inspired / encouraged this behavior....

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