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Physically and mentally tired of battle with food....

I feel terrible, I've been on and off of binge eating and dieting for the last two years and I just cant take it anymore... stuff myself until the point of tremendous pain and then diet again with ephedrine based fat burners and restriction diet. Cant seem to forgive myself for binging and feel terribly guilty. I just want to pile the whole fridge in my stomach... This is not how life is supposed to be lived - I dont know what normal eating is anymore and I have to count everything that I put in my mouth. I dont / never go out and if I go out I make sure its a place or situation where I dont have to eat. when I see other people eating I tell myself I cant eat what they are eating cause I binge and I need to lose this weight.. then when I get home from deprivation I BINGE.. I just feel hopeless at the moment I am not living a happy life and I know I am very unhappy and not living like a normal person Im just sick and tired of this!!

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