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Periods and bulimia

Hi Shaye,

You are such an inspiration! You really help me feel not so alone in this recovery process. I was seriously bulimic for about a year and 2 months and I stopped getting my period about 10 months ago. I've stopped my bulimic behaviors for about half a month so far. I know it hasn't been much recuperating time for my body, but I'm just wondering how long does it usually take for me to get my period back? And I'm just wondering if bulimia could have caused infertility for me. I'm 18 years old and just very worried for my future. Thanks so much!


Shaye Says

Hello :)

Well done on a month and a half!! That is awesome! Often the first 1-2 months is the most difficult - so things should really start looking up soon (if they haven't already!)

When I was bulimic I lost my period for a number of months... Gosh it could have even been over a year... I didn't really understand the seriousness of it - so never did anything about it or documented how long it had gone on for...

But, when my body settled down, I did get my period back. Our bodies are resilient - they want to be able to have babies - so they will fight for it. I would expect that you will be absolutely fine - but if it is really causing you concern, I'd visit your doctor to get some advice from him/her.

I have not tried for babies yet - but when I do, I would expect that I would have no problem with it... When the time comes - I'll let everyone know how it's going!!

My best friend suffered from anorexia and bulimia for many years... She is now due to have her first baby :)

Keep up your awesome work!


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