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peeing and bulimia recovery

by kaylee

Hello shaye!

Yesterday and today were my first days binge and purge free.... I still feel bloated and constipated ALL the time... but I guess this is expected. I've noticed though that im peeing CONSTANTLY... like seriously. I dont seem to be drinking as much as I'm peeing....every 30 mins... and my bladder gets really really full to where it hurts.... Have you ever encountered this and what could it be?

Also I am going to get drinks and food tonight with friends (so nervous) I used to just purge my drinks... what can I drink (alcoholic) that wont scare me as bad or make me feel as bloated? maybe something low calorie? im so nervous!

Shaye Says

Hi Kaylee!

2 days - that is so cool! I remember my first 2 binge/purge free days and despite feeling so full and uncomfortable - I felt amazing - I finally knew I was on the home stretch!

Hmm... Peeing during bulimia recovery... I'm trying to remember back to my recovery to see if it was an issue... But just can't recall! I have a poor bladder anyway so go to the toilet about every hour currently... But just can't remember if it was worse back then....

Chances are though that it's just your body getting used to these new and strange things that are happening to it (eating and digesting) I wouldn't worry about it and would expect that it gets better in time. If you are really concerned however, you could see your doctor - she/he might have some ideas.

Remember that food contains a lot of liquid - what your peeing comes from both food and drink - so could well be more than what your drinking... I hope that makes sense! Despite it being annoying going to the loo often - just try to keep drinking enough water... your body needs it to heal. Bulimia can make you severely dehydrated - so on this new fresh leaf, it's important to keep hydrated :)

About your drinks and dinner tonight... Don't be nervous - be excited! Have fun chatting to your friends and enjoying yourself. Try to take the focus off the food and onto making good conversation :)

In my early days of bulimia recovery when I would go out with friends I'd normally order something tasty, but healthy. Something like a chicken salad or grilled greek vegetables and fish... etc . I would allow myself to eat the whole plate if I wanted - as long as I paused every couple of mouthfuls to check my fullness. I wanted to avoid that 'over-full' feeling.

Try to eat slowly, chew and enjoy your meal. Try to take breaks, putting your knife and fork down and talk... make conversation. At the same time, keep track of your fullness... Ask yourself

Am I hungry still?
Getting full?

Be aware of your tummy and the way it's feeling... Do this and you should be fine.

I know a low calorie drink that I used to love was lemon, lime and bitters with Vodka. I asked them to make it with diet lemonade to that I didn't freak out. Try it - I think you'll like it :) Or, you could get mojitos - which I think are absolutely delicious and have them made with diet lemonade too. Remember though, you'll be digesting the drinks - so you'll probably feel the alcohol a lot more than normal! I remember making this mistake during my bulimia recovery... I got SO drunk off 4 drinks! I just wasn't used to it!

Try to drink slowly and take breaks between your drinks... It can be hard to stick to new habits when you've got too much alcohol in the system!

You'll do great! Remember to focus on having fun - you deserve it! Remember though, if you do slip sup, it's not the end of the world. It's just 1 little step back. Learn form it and nothing is lost :)

I'd love to hear how you get on....

Stay Strong, have fun and be kind to yourself!


P.S. I hope this gets to you in time! I was away for the weekend at my cousins hens party... Lots of mojitos had there!

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