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Parotid Glands! - chipmunk cheeks

by Ava

Hi Shaye,

I've been p/free for just about two months now, but my cheeks have hardly gone down! I have noticed one thing however: on days when I don't overeat or binge my cheeks go down considerably and on days when I consecutively overeat they tend to swell. So my thought is that in all the chewing and eating, the glands swell up?

When I feel my cheeks, I can still feel the hard swollen parotid glands, and they are definitely there; they feel like hard lumps. What gives? I know there is some water retention and healing going on, but I thought for sure I'd see more progress by now. For reference, I tended to do two or three big purges a day when I was b/p ing.

What can I do to help their progress?

Shaye Says

Hi there Ava!

You're right - when you overeat, you glads could be triggered to swell again...

But, given time, this will heal. I know it can be hard waiting for time to pass... But, it's just something that you need to push through. In the scheme of things, I promise you, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months... even more - will feel like nothing!

Bulimia gives the body a real bashing - and it takes time for all that damage to be repaired. It was a number of months before I felt like me body was beginning to heal... After one year i felt completely normal again! Now I can see that this year of recovery was a small price to pay for a beautiful bulimia free life!

Keep putting one foot in front of the other Ava - your body will heal, it's just a matter of time!

Bye for now,

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