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Overeating During Bulimia Recovery

by G

Hi Shaye.

I've been bulimic for 10 years now. It became worse last year because I really didn't have to force myself to throw up after meals. It just happens naturally after eating.

I stopped purging for 4 days now.

My girlfriend became suspicious of me when she started noticing that I always go to the bathroom after meals.

The main reason that I stopped is that my girlfriend saw a show on TV about a guy who has esophageal cancer because of bulimia. It scared the hell out of me. And also, because of my chipmunk cheeks. It is really disgusting. It's like I always have something in my! I really hope my face goes back to normal.

I really don't want to gain weight. That is my biggest fear in life. (I USED TO BE A FAT KID) Do you have any tips what to do if sometimes I overeat?


Shaye Says

Hi G :)

Thanks for sharing your story! And, I am so happy to hear that you've started on your recovery - 4 days is such a fantastic start!

The first month of being purge free was for me, the hardest... Because the urge is still there to overeat - and sometimes, it does happen... But, we're resisting the urge to throw up... So it's easy to feel full, fat and bloated. Keep in mind it is temporary and will improve in time!

I had a few things that helped me get through the early phases of my new purge free life...

I had a whole lot of healthy, low calorie food that I allowed myself to snack on - and if I felt like binging and felt I couldn't resist it - I would eat this healthy low calorie food. That way, I could reason with myself that I didn't need to throw up because what I'd eaten wouldn't really be weight gain food. So, stack your pantry up with healthy food that you won't make you feel so bad if you overeat...

I also did high resistance training (training with heavy weights) to help speed up my metabolism... This worked really well. In fact recently, I've started on this type of training again - following the Fat Burning Furnace Program (which I just purchased) and I seem to be able to eat and eat and eat and not fut on fat. Here's a link to the program if you want to read more about it Don't get lost in the weightloss hype - rather focus on it as a program to speed up your metabolism.

Another thing I did was if I did feel as though I'd overeaten, I'd go to sleep (considering I wasn't at work, uni etc) I know it's not ideal to sleep after eating, but during recovery I think we can cut ourselves some flack and do whatever it takes to make us feel better!

I hope these tips help... and best of luck with this exciting journey you've started on!

All the best,

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