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One month anniversary....and a three day binge

by Janet

I wrote first about a month ago as have been bulimic for 30 years and was at the point where I HAD to stop it. I went a whole month and on my one month anniversary which was last Friday everything went wrong. My husband and son had been fighting for two days, the stress in the house was unbearable and I was so anxious and agitated I went back to my old standby... bingeing and purging. I had been doing so well and feeling so great but I just have no coping skills when it comes to severe stress and anxiety. I have used food and alcohol my whole life to deal with all these feelings and I just don't know how else to get through them. I feel so bad again now. It's Monday morning and I have to start again. I can't believe I blew it after a whole month bulimia free. I'm so depressed. My neck glands, which had gone down, are swollen right back up again. I just hate myself and my life today. I hope I can get through today binge free and start again.

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