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Ohh how I hate bulimia, but i let her run my life anyway....

by Nicole
(New York)

So Ive been bulimic since i was 15, seven years later I'm 22 and still doing the same pointless routine.

Why? Why you ask......honestly you would think after so long I would realize its not working, but hey it is what it is, I guess, I hate that saying.

So, sometimes I cant get it all up, so i'll keep a plastic container with me in my room so i can slowly get it all out.

My mother who likes to go into our rooms to find lost dishes, will occasionally come across these lovely little presents I fall asleep and forget to dispose of, and will dispose of them herself never to confront me of what shes found. I guess she knows that there is no telling me I'm not fat and how dangerous it is, she knows she'll be wasting her breath just as I'm wasting my health.

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