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Normal Eating After a lifetime of ED

by Eileen

Hi Shaye,

I recently started eating a normal amount of calories. What a relief -- more energy, better sleeping, better able to deal with people, more clarity. I was not overweight before, just on the edge at 5'5 and Xlbs at 50 years old. But I am of course gaining weight now. I am a fit person.

How does a person eat after restricting calories for her entire life? Do you go back up to normal calorie intake, or do you move up to normal calorie intake slowly?

I know a lot about how and why I got obsessed with food-- way too long to tell here! I never threw up, but in my late teens I had a year when I counted every calorie in, exercised off anything over a net 1000 calories. That ended, but a more subtle obsession with food did not. Went to Weight Watchers after I gained weight while nursing. They said I probably had not been eating enough. I still didn't get it. That was 10 years ago. The "scales" fell off my eyes within the last few weeks.

How do I eat now?

Hope you will answer.


Shaye Says

Hi Eileen!

It's normal to hold onto a bit of extra weight if you have been restricting your food for a long time... The best way to speed up your metabolism and reach your natural weight is to persist with eating and exercising normally...

After a lifetime of restricting, it could take a while for your body to get back on track... But be patient with it... In time, it will heal. Our bodies are resilient and they bounce back!

I think a book called "The Rules of Normal Eating" by Karen R. Koenig would really help you a lot. I found it a great read and I think you would too :)

Keep pushing forward - you will get there!


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