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No one understands

by Sarah

Im a 21 years old girl I have been bulimic for several months now I hit rock bottom when all I thought about was eating and throwing up I didn't care about my studying which was the most important thing in my life I got too tired of hiding this it's really hard, I opened up to my girlfriend who is miles away in another city but she told me you have to stop the silliness you are doing right now ! She doesn't get that I can't just stop I can't help it she made me feel worse I started crying and wishing I've never told her, I don't know what to do I'm afraid that I will never be beautiful I know she loves me but she thinks I'm silly for doing this like I want it ! I really want to recover but her words really hurt I couldn't tell her I just told her ok and swore to myself I will never talk to anyone about this again, I feel so lonely more that before.

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