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No one knew.

by Chanel

It started when I was 11. I honestly don't remember why I even started.
I am now 19 years old and didn't even no I was bulimic until my doctor asked if I made myself throw up. I said yes and he said, well you are bulimic. I didn't believe it because I didn't look sick like the people they show ous in health class or I wasn't dangerously thin. But turns out everything I knew about bulimic people was a lie.
For once in my life I opened up and got the helped I needed.
The worse part of recovery was that I didn't have support from people who care for me because I wouldn't tell them. Telling my mother and my boyfriend was the most embarrassing thing I've ever done. My mother never notice nor did she care and my boyfriend did not understand. So I was alone with my recovery. Until I got a shrink.
It only takes one person to help you with recovery, and after my boyfriend understood how to deal with my disorder everything went perfect.
It's been almost a year since I started recovery, it's been hard but worth it.
My health was so poor to the point of being in the hospital 5 times a month for stomach pains and now I haven't been to the er once in 4 months! I am very proud of my self for the progress I am making.
I'm starting to love myself again.
All it took was one person that wanted to help.
Thank you

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