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Night Time Eating and bulimia

by El

This has been a problem for as long as I can remember...well since the days of anorexia when I had major control over my evenings. Instead of eating I was doing 1000 situps but that's besides the point. I'm not sure what was better at this point.

Presently, my issue is this night time eating and it seems nearly impossible to combat. I can do fairly well throughout most of the day, not saying the battle isn't there, but I feel a little more strength to fight it or find reason in things but then night hits and my strength is gone. Maybe I'm just tired and exhausted, but maybe it's something more. Am I avoiding dealing with things? Has everything just caught up after a long day? Am I scared to go to sleep? I don't know...I'm really trying to stop binging and purging. I can't stand the way it makes me feel the next day, the chipmunk cheeks embarrass the hell out of me, I feel fat and bloated, and as anyone who is also suffering with bulimia knows, it just continues the what seems like never ending downward spiral.

I guess what I'm asking is what helps you guys out there with this time of day? I'm sure it varies from person to person, but what reasons have you found behind nighttime binging? Am I a failure and lost cause? Does it ever get easier? Any tips, anything? I'm so sick of this eating disorder. I want to get better but I'm hesitant and discouraged.

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