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Night time binges

by Hana
(New Zealand)

Hi Shaye

Ive been in and out of recovery for a year now. Im happy to say that i am now able to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks with no trouble. My only problem is the after dinner snack. It starts off as a snack (eg fruit or biscuit) but sometimes turns into a binge. Its really starting to get me down. I feel like I do so well all day and then just lose it within like 5mins. I know theres a voice in my head telling me to not do it because its not worth it but then theres also the one that says 'just this once' and this one seems to win most of the time. Ive tried distracting myself with anything at all and it works but as soon as the distraction is gone the urge to binge comes back. Please, if there are any tips you can give me at all i would really appreciate it. I feel like I am so close to full recovery but just cant seem to get there.

Please help!

Shaye Says

Hi Hana - my fellow Kiwi!!

Getting down to 1 b/p a day is huge progress - you know the saying 'Slow and steady wins the race'!! But I understand you want to give it that final kick now! I was the same as you - it was about 6 months where I gradually cut down until I finally had my first b/p day! I remember I was thinking about binging in the evening and I thought why not stamp it right now, just get one day under the belt... And so I distracted myself and then went right to bed! I was so happy that I high 5'vd myself!...

I think it helps not to think of it as 'this will be the last time I ever b/p'... rather, 'let's just get through tonight and then tackle tomorrow when it comes. I can binge tomorrow if I decide I want/need to...'

Getting one full day away from bulimia really gives you motivation and power to do more! You will get there Flick - it's a matter of time and putting one foot in front of the other - as you've been doing :)

I hope this helps! Just remember to keep being kind and patience towards yourself... You have come so far and it's just a matter of time and persistence before you beat bulimia completely!


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