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Never too young for an ED.

by Ettesil
(WA )

Bulimia has changed my life.

I never truly admitted to myself that I had a problem.

Im pretty sure the source of my ED problems was when I was on holiday in 2008 and my dad wad poking fun at the fact that I was size 16 (I was not very thin.) I remember laying on the floor crying that day.

I never truly started doubting myself till I went to a highscool in 2010. I became super self conscious about my body. At first it was just innocently skipping lunch. I got down to a 12 by the middle of the year but I wasnt satisfied. Breakfast was tossed out of the fray and I sat there in class punching my stomach to stop it from growling. In October I went up to a size 14 again. My uncle had died and stress piled on. I turned to bingeing and cutting. January saw my first purge and I haven't stopped since then. I would only vomit after a binge or in the shower after dinner. That way I was never caught. I got weaker and to this day, half a year later I feel weak. I was first hit by the reality of what I was doing when I found blood in my vomit and later again when I passed out on the shower floor.

I still don't think I can stop. It's a vicious cycle and I hate it, the sad thing is, I can't live without it either.

If I were to tell someone they would say to me "What the hell? You're only 13, you're too young for this stuff."

You're never too young for an ED.

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