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Nail Biting, Large glasses of liquids, Acne, and Chapped lips - all signs of bulimia

Three signs that are related to bulimia - coming from a bulimic.

Nail biting: Not only is nail biting a sign of possible anxiety it is also done to purposefully shorten the nails. Bulimics who purge by vomiting and who use their fingers often choose not to have long nails. Trust me, long nails hurt like heck when they cut your throat. As a side note, bulimics may also not be able to grow long nails due to deficiencies - the nails can peel, crack, etc.

Large glasses of liquids: Bulimics use liquids as "lubrication", it makes the food come out easier when vomiting. So if you notice someone drinking large glasses of water, especially during or after eating, suspect possible purging.

Acne: For me, whenever I relapse into purging I get acne. I get it especially bad around and below my lips - probably the result of stomach acid getting on my skin. However acne does spring up on my forehead. It seems that no amount of acne cream will get rid of it.

Chapped lips: The acid from the stomach will not only causes cracks at the corner of the lips but also red, peeling, and dryness above the lips. It is very obvious. While makeup does cover it because of the extreme dryness the peeling skin is even noticeable through the foundation.

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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