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Mystery Solved

Thanks so much, everyone, for sharing,
I blindlingly consider myself 'recovered' even though I slip up very 2-4 weeks.
I couldnt understand why my stomach KEEPS GROWING!!! I exercise moderately every day, eat lots of veggies etc etc. It really weakens my resolve to see a bloated body.
This leads to me overeating (not purging though) on healthy foods, out of stress, so I guess the overeating would trigger the bloat as well. Still, I dont eat enough to GAIN weight so it gets super frustrating.
I was just seriously considering caving in to urges, when I found this bloat page. Now I understand that following EVERY slip up, the bloat cycle will commence again (is that right?). SO even one purge every 4 weeks will keep me bloated and feeling huge and keep the cycle going.
So, people, STRONG RESOLVE!! Just SAY NO!!!!!

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