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My Turn of the tide

by Zee
(United States)

I am a Male... im 21 years old and in College... honestly my life has been hell before this... Bulimia, i feel ... has taken control of my life. i felt like it became me.. and i just gradually began accepted that this is it, i have no control , and i would die from it. until one day i found this site... and i found Hope at the same time. Shaye opened my eyes to see what was always there. Her program reached out to other like me... MEN like me... who thought they had a woman's disease.. if your reading this.. please know you are not alone.. than yes, you are a man and you have Bulimia...... but you are not a born BULIMIC MAN... this is just a problem that YOU have tremendous amount of power to fix. with Shaye's program and help........ you will be able to see all that Bulimia has blinded you with... and understand that Recovery IS possible..... for MEN AND WOMEN.... we can beat this! - Stay Strong! - Zee

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