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My teeth were badly discoloured and were crumbling away - Jodie's bulimia dream

by Jodie

I had two braces growing up to get perfect teeth... and was always commented on how white they were. So suffering from bulimia has really knocked that confidence away from me.. My teeth have dis-coloured at the back, and have moved slightly forward. I still get comments but feel embarrassed as I think of the back of my teeth and what will happen to the rest of them if I don't get a hold on this!

Here's my bulimia dream..

I don't know where I was but I remember running and holding my mouth, screaming for help. every time I would run past a mirror, I could see my teeth were extremely dis-coloured and and looked like they were crumbling away. I kept on screaming and screaming for someone to help me, but no one would listen.. I finally got to a medical building (clearly a dentist) and begged the receptionist to let me see a dentist.. when I got in and she examined my teeth, she told me there was nothing wrong with them and that they just needed to be brushed.. I brushed them and looked in the mirror to perfect teeth again..

I woke sweating from head to toe.. it wasn't a dream it was nightmare..

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