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My struggle with Bulimia.

by Charlotte

It started when I was 13 but wasn't serious. I read a book in which the main character tried this method to lose weight so that's how I got the idea. I felt good when I first tried it because I guess it took away the guilt of what I'd eaten when I was trying to diet. However, the illness progressed and now I regret ever starting this stupid thing. I don't even need to use my fingers anymore, which makes it all the more tempting to throw up what I've eaten- It's just so easy! I managed 8 months without purging but when last Christmas came, the chocolate started it again, and chocolate is so easy to purge. I now have bulimia again and it's so awful, I try every day to have a 'good day' but by night time I always give in to food. I really want to be free of this terrible illness and today I will try so hard to control myself. This website is one I discovered just yesterday and if I get the urge to binge my plan is to go on here and read these stories. I hope all you guys can recover, and I hope to do the same!

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