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My Own Hell

by Jasmine Chandler
(Philiadelphia, Pa, America)

I stand in the mirror,
Starring back at the person
That is before me

What do I see?
A 200lb girl,
To fat to see her feet

The truth?
I'm a 76lb
Beautiful young woman

Why can't I see what the others do?
This is my hell,
Fourced to see what isn't there

My heart aches
Everytime I see this girl,
Tears fall down my face, and blood drips from my wrist

I sit in the courner
Denying andything and everything,
Only to see that I'm getting bigger

So I run to bathroom
And empty my body,
I sit on the floor and cry

I grab my blade
And allow it to graze my skin,
Fat, is written on my arm

My own hell,
My death sentence
Stands before me in this mirror.

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