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My overeating catastrophe!

by Natalie

I don't really know how to start,I'm turning 16 next April and I've started a strict diet last April and i really put my mind to it i decided to make a time limit of 6 months. The first month was a "liquid diet" which means i only consumed liquids and semi solids, i lost x Kg! i was actually targeting x Kg but it's progress!! The following 5 months were a diet plan of x calories that i followed very seriously, i even skipped the sugar intake i should consume daily, which is not something I’m proud of right now because i had some health problems and my hair became very weak and thin due to lack of vitamins.
I couldn't believe how people looked at me and kept complementing me on my new look, i knew i lost weight but always had this weird feeling that people were exaggerating at some point! But then after doing my math turns out i lost xKg!! i was so happy with myself i did my best to workout daily for minimum 30 minutes. My starting weight was xKg and i went down to x Kg. Everything was so new, i mean at my school I'm from the popular squad have a lot of friends and everything but my new look was a big plus, everyone was interested to know my story and how i did it....
At the end of the 5th month a lot has changed my aunt who meant the world to me had to travel with her husband and children to another country because of a job offer!
School started and so did my Overeating catastrophe. First i started eating bigger portions of healthy food then adding sweet n low to my "Low Fat" weirdo dessert inventions and by time chocolates, carbs,fats,sugars.....more carbs!! I kept telling myself “it’s only x Kg I will lose them in no time!” but by time the number on the balance kept increasing, my exercising decreased until it stopped. I felt weak, helpless and depressed……after all the hard work I fell down! Back to the first step of the stairs. I tried different diets but it lasted for a couple of days then back to the eating again, I talked to my friends, family and anyone I can think of! I thought that maybe I just need some support, but that wasn’t it some piece inside me…..was lost. My “will” it was what kept me on track and helped me through it all.
After everything that happened I’m still trying. Now my weight is ranging between the late xs and x Kg. I’m still not satisfied with how I am; my weight affects everything in my life because I let it! I can’t study, concentrate or even go out with my friends because of the numbers that appears on the balance. But this can’t last…..i won’t let it! I will do it not because I “have to” but because I “want to”. On my 16th birthday I will be wearing a beautiful dress and look good no matter how much I weigh!
For all of you reading this you’re not alone, food is not the enemy it’s all in our head “if you want to believe you can do something, when you don’t you will” it’s all really up to us we just need to put our mind to it and work hard! Just know that at the end it’s all for YOU!

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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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