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My most horrifying purge story

While I was at uni I would binge when my flatmates were away or in the privacy of my room, then when staying at my boyfriend's flat I would barely eat. This changed when my boyfriend and I started doing cheap pizza night once a week. We would eat in his room while watching our favourite show and I often ended up eating more than I felt comfortable with. One pizza night when I over-ate,I was desperate to purge. When he left the room I threw up into a plastic bag and stashed it in the empty pizza box. When he came back into the room I planned to get rid of it in the night but I forgot about it.. until weeks later when he was cleaning his messy room. I was sitting on the bed chatting to him as he sorted the rubbish, when all of the sudden I heard him say 'Ugh! What is THIS?!'. I looked up and was horrified to see he had unearthed my sick bag, worst of all, instead of sharing his horror or confessing, I was so shocked I started laughing. Luckily he binned it thinking it was some horrible aged food that had fallen in there and never raised it again. After we broke up I did admit my problem to him but I'm not sure if he ever joined the dots back to that night.

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