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My most horrible bulimia moment

by Tara
(towaco,nj, usa)

I have two actually...

One being a few months ago when I was on lunch break at work. I never ate with other people because everytime anyone saw me eat I got the "how can you eat so much and stay so thin?" Comments. So I ate in my car instead. This day I decided to buy two ten pieces of chicken mcnuggets, two large fries, two mc chicken sandwiches and a large coke. A scarffed it all down in 30 min and looked around the parking lot to make sure no one would see me throw up into the supersized coke glass. I threw it up and then to my horror I saw two people I hadn't noticed in my scan and it turned out to be a coworker of mine who sat right next to me.

The other one is right now. As I am writing this. I am laying in bed with chest pain having panic attack after panic attack because I know I need to stop or i'll die. I can't sleep unless people are awake just in case something does happen and I need to go to the hospital. Night after night has been like this... and I know the only solution is to stop. Worrying that if I sleep I won't wake up or if something happens no one will know in time. I'm sick and tired of this shit.

It ends now.

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