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my life - a bulimia story

by Sam (11 years old)

I have been bulimic for so long and have recently stopped...

I am 11 and will be 12 in 3 days on June 3, 2010...

I stopped on my own. I only started about a year ago. I put a tally down on a piece of paper on my wall every time I threw up. In a year I threw up about 27 times. Only when I realised that, is when I stopped. I stopped a month ago and have not threw up since. I do not intend to.

One of my crazy bulimia stories is when I was at school and I wanted to puke. So I pretended that my stomach hurt and then threw up...

But my case was mild and undicsoverd. I am almost 12 and I think my birthday present to myself is to never throw up again. I have already stopped - yes - but my promise will be my present.

11 (almost 12!!!!)

And yes, I am a girl.


Hi Sam,

Thank you for sharing your bulimia story. It is really great that you are opening up about your bulimia.

I was about your age when I started being bulimic. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a tally - and didn't realise it was getting out of control until it was too hard to stop. I'd throw up sometimes 20 times a day... and I was bulimic for 10 years... SO...

I think that not throwing up is the best birthday present that you could EVER give to yourself. Your life will be so much happier if you manage to stay free from bulimia.

I really hope you decide to talk to your mom or somebody else who you trust about your bulimic experience. Talking about it will help to make sure you don't fall into bulimia again.

Keep us posted on your progress Sam... and well done for being so brave and strong.

All the love,

P.S. Do you mind me asking why you started throwing up in the first place?

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