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My husband with bulimia

by Melissa

I met my husband four years ago and after dating 9 mths. I got pregnant. We lived together and I started noticing this weird behavior of taking showers and going out for runs after eating. and his eating habits were aweful. he was binge eating all the time, I had no clue he was purging. We have 3 young boys. After our second, I noticed he was showering 3-4x a day. And I told myself I was going to spy on him to see what was up. After eating chinese food...He went to take a shower and I caught him purging in the shower. I was devastated, but relieved that I had found out the answer to why he was so anxious, sneaky, insecure and mean all the time. I felt so much pain for him...And my children. I thought..Who did i marry? When did this start? And what drove him to make him feel that he wasn't good enough? Of course he was pissed at me for spying on him. but I knew he had to get help. He was in denial. and still is today. I called his family to have an intervention and his mother said,"I thought he was done with that years ago!" Yeah, real nice. This has damaged our marriage. Damaged me.Damaged him. I have pulled myself away from him emotionally to be strong for my children. We have gone to counciling, but he says he doesn't need to go. I can't make him change. He has to want to change. I'm writing this to let everybody know there is help. You are more important than you know. loving yourself comes first and is most important. Then you will have all the confidence in the world. GET HELP.It's never too late. Do it for yourself and your family.

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