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My hell

by Mae stonegate
(Virginia )

I am 14 years old and live in Virginia. I first became bulimic when I was 13. I was always the very pretty girl that all the boys were in love with. At the time I had a boyfriend (let's call him Thomas). I loved Thomas and he loves me. I think I first became bulimic because I wanted to be different from everyone. I wanted to be special. Thomas and a lot of my friends helped me for awhile but all they did was tell me that I was doing horrible things. I was so lost. The summer before I went into 9th grade I got caught. My life was spiraling downhill. People were starting to notice my habits and worry about me. I was forced to go to therapy. I started to hate life and shut out everyone that mattered to me. I lost Thomas, my friends, and the relationship with my family. I started cutting myself and hating life. I quickly got worse and worse until I was to the point where I would skip class to throw up and have to hide in my closet at home with a cup so people wouldn't hear me throwing up. I was helpless and confused. My life was a wreck. So here I am now, all screwed up, looking for answers. With bloody arms and hips and cut lips and a torn up mouth from all the torture I have put myself through to look "beautiful". If you are considering becoming bulimic, don't. Take it from me- it will ruin your life as you know it.
-Mae stonegate

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