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My experience..

by Sky

I am currently bulimic and cant stand the feeling of food in my stomach.

The way I hide it is by:

-Turning the shower on every time I purge and popping some music on

-If I'm at a friends place I leave immediately after dinner pretending I left my straightener on.

- If in public I will flush the toilet so there is noise in the background or wait until someone flushes theirs or uses a hand dryer.

- If someone is over at my house I will go and 'have a shower'

- At work I use the toilet at the end which everyone things the ladies in another office use so they avoid it

- I will eat too much so that its easier to come up. Eating small amounts makes it harder.

- I either starve myself or eat a massive feast.

- I always have a runny nose after and my hair is tied up.

- I will always take off my shirt wherever I am so I dont get any stains.

Bulimia is a trap and I will get out of it...

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