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My Eating Disorder battle with Bulimia

by Gregory

Hi, my name is Gregory. I'm 16, i have a eating disorder for over 2 years now. I'm bulimic. i binge and purge up to 8 times a day my life is so out of control the only way out is by doing this it's my comfort zone. IT'S MINE..... so where it all began. I was born in russia. and when i was 6 we moved to the united states. it was a bit hard. so i went to first and 2nd grade in one school then my mom wanted to move to another state. so we moved new school and 3rd grade. and i was there for a year. then we moved to another state. then again..... then again..... back and forth going to new schools. it was hard i never had control in my life my dad died when i was 5. my mom got married again. a lot of my problems started with my step dad. he used to say to me "you eat too much" "you are getting fat" "no girl is gonna want to be with a pig" and such it hurt me. i began to over eat when i was 10, 11 about that time. food was everything to me i could go and hide and eat it would never hurt me. food wouldn't bully me. i was bullied in school people saying i'm fat ugly. not worth to be eating so i wanted to lose weight become more like other kids at my highest i was X kilos i was 5'7 at my lowest i was 5'9 and X-X kilos i heard about purging and i was like why not it will help me lose weight so i started purging when i ate too much food. my mom and step dad were fighting night and day yelling throwing things it was hard i started to think about weight cal, work out, throwing up binging/purging it was my life and about when i was 15 it just went out of control i was doing it 7-8 times a day or fasting or just sleeping i had no energy to even walk i'm still fighting everyday it's just sooooo hard to stop. my mom would always blame everything on other people and sometimes on me. i try to be the best for her i just can't my mom knows about my eating disorder i'm in the process of going to a eating disorder treatment center. well that's just a little bit about me.

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