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My Double Life.

by Lizbeth
(South Gate )

When I was younger I was bullied for being chubby as I grew older I realized I didnt want to look like this no more. I wanted to be a model but I knew I never was gonna be one if I was this weight so one day, I decided to go to the restroom, I lifted up the toilet seat & put my finger in my mouth, I was scared at first but I knew I wanted to try this, so I went along with it. It took about x min. After that I felt good, I felt like I could do this. Years passed and I have lost weight I stopped eating and everything I ate I went to the restroom after that. I felt guilty doing it but it felt so good to do it. Nobody knew I did this it was my own secret. People figured I did this but I never admit to them I did. Now Im very sick, I cant eat without me wanting to throw up, I feel very guilty if I dont throw up. Eating was my biggest fear. Now I feel like I need help because I havent gotten my period and Im scared I may not be able to have children no more. living a double like really affects me because, i need to restrrom by myside.

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