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My bullimic story

hi everyone, im not quite comfortable sharing my name but i would love for others to know my story. I was never an overweight girl, all my life i had always been a "healthy" weight. When i hit about 13 i started noticing my weight, most girl aeround me were skinny and i wanted to be exactly like that!. I had heard about bullimia and i have learnt about the dangers and affect it could casue, but not of that matterd to me, as long as a i was getting thinner i was happy! About 6 months later people started noticing my weight loss, people would often say "wow youve lost so much weight'. By the end of the year i had noticed my teeth getting yellow, this frightened me because i was afraid of loosing my teeth. As a result of fear of loosing my teeth , i stopped binging and throwing up afterwards. my bullimia had stopped for about 4 months, after that my bullimic habit started again. Buliimia has led to depression and self-harm, i wish i had never started buliimia and you might say that you can control it but once bullimia turns inot a habit it is so hard to stop.

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