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My bulimia

by linda pauta
(ny )

As a little girl i was nver worried about my weight, I lived with my dad who also raised me.My dad always made the best foods, not to mention the big portions he fed me,alot of juice all that contributed to my weight at age 14 i got up to weigh X with 5ft tall. when i went to my mothers house she was way healthier she always was telling me to drink water, at that time it really bothered me and id prefer juice. It wasnt until freshman year that i started realizing some thin gils who looked prettier than me.... A few months after i opened my Facebook Account as i went down to my messages i see that i had a new message i opened the message where i read: hey fat ugly bitch your so ugly and no one likes you, all the boys act like their your friends but in reality hey talk abt how fat you are. That night i had shown my mom the message and i cried into her arms.the next day my mom went with me to school and reported it to the social worker i knew their was nothing to do because this person was in my school but had created a fake profile, i decided to block this he/her. It was after that, that i took this horrible comment to heart,i looked at myself each time in the mirror with shame, i skipped many meals, i binge especially on sweets, then i would feel ashamed and purged everything, all i would do is drink water. at feasts like thanksgiving, Christmas id binge on aythin than rush to he bathroom and try to purge as fast as i parents soon noticed me skipping meals.Id see hair on my pillow, and wondered why? one afternoon after lunch i had run to the bathroom, when i felt the door open i had forgotten that my mom had the key to that bathroom, now it was her who stared in shame of me. Now i have recovered but i still feel ugly and my hair is growing bu its still coarsely thin,.

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