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My bulimia story

by Laura
(Sydney, Australia)

I have been bulimic for nearly 17 years. I, like many others, have tried so many times to stop and each and every binge and purge episode I would say that I would never do it again but I always did. I'm not sure where it all started but I know it took a hold of my life. Every single day was a struggle and my whole world revolved around bulimia and there was nothing I could do to escape it. My personal relationships were disastrous as I never wanted the intimacy cause I felt no love for myself. I hid my secret from everyone and it wasn't until recently that I decided to tell those close to me what was actually happening to me. I only decided this because I fell in love with a person who I didn't want to lose and I knew that if I didn't start seeking help that I would lose everything. I started by seeing my GP who then referred me to specialist. I am now on day 49 and some days are so hard you start to think that it's easier to just be bulimic than to go through the recovery process but I'm hanging in there. There has been a day where I binged and just had to push through the temptation to purge. I think that day was a turning point for me cause I push through the most intense need to purge. I am now going to do the structured eating plan and hopefully stay on the road to being bulimia free.

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