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My Bulimia Story

As a child, I was always really chubby but it never really bothered me. Most of the people in my family were chubby too so I never really felt out of place. Then, my cousin went on a vacation and when she came back she had lost major weight. My whole family became obsessed with dieting and everybody started losing weight, except for me. Family members started to criticize me about my weight which caused me to start dieting. The first few weeks, I ate super healthy and exercised and lost a lot of weight. People noticed and I felt really good. But I started getting off track and ended up eating badly again. I gained weight and my family noticed. My aunts started making comments about my weight and i felt terrible but i couldn't stop eating. One day i felt so bad that i made myself throw up after i ate too much. I felt extremely guilty after but I was also relieved. I promised myself I would never make myself throw up again. But I kept on doing it. At first it was a few times a week but the past few months I've been purging daily. I tried to stop but my family makes it too hard. Everyday I have to hear my sister and mom talking about how healthy they have been eating and it makes me feel guilty. People come up to me and talk to me about how skinny my sister looks and I feel like I have to look like that to. My friends at school constantly talk about how fat they look and I feel so out of place because they are perfect compared to me. I know I need to get help but I can't talk to anyone.

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