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My body is controlling me

I don't know when it stared. One morning after waking up I realized something was wrong with me. I had no control over myself, my actions or thoughts. It was like I was a robot and my stomach was in the pilot seat. It was headed straight to fatville on the corner of no self confidence rd. That wasn't my plan of destination but I had no choice, I wanted to be in healthy town. I think it started with counting calories, it was really restrictive on what I could and could not eat. I lost ten pounds counting but then there would be days that I would binge. I could only count really well for four days max and then I would binge. Its horrible. I hate it. I would love to be happy and confident more than anything. I have no self esteem, I don't believe in myself. I need help! please I need advice what can I do?

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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