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My Beginning - A bulimia story

This past September, I finally gained the courage to break things off with my boyfriend of almost two years. It was my second and first truly serious relationship and it was far from healthy now looking back. From the start, I had to "fight," other girls for my boyfriend's attention, and eventually landed myself in a relationship where I was constantly trying to prove myself to someone who was "better," than me. He constantly poked fun at my weight and encouraged me to diet all the time. During the time we dated, I lost 20 lbs. When I finally broke up with him, I had enough strength to know I was better than this, but actually secretly felt very bad about myself still. I increased my dieting until I lost 10 more pounds over the past school year. After about 8 months of very strict dieting, I finally broke and started binging and then purging because I felt so bad about it. I thought maybe this would be a breakthrough and would get me past the current plateau I had hit in my weight loss. I never felt or currently feel good about myself and how I look. Now after 5 months of being bulimic I have actually gained 7 pounds and feel worse than ever. I want this cycle to stop and I hope that none of you will ever let a guy make you feel worthless to the point that I do and I hope to take control of my eating from here forward. If I could go back and redo it, I would NEVER have tried to purge in April. After I started I could not stop. God Bless.

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