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My beautiful hair loss

I had the longest hair to my bottom. Dark blond to the top of my butt. At the age of 32 I became bulimic and about 6 months after I began, I started losing so much hair it burned up vacuum belts as it just clogged up the vac. My husband would come out of the bathroom commenting on the fact that his shirts were covered with blond hair. All of my laundry was full of my hair. Yuck was when I got done showering I got those nasty tingly wet hairs on my thighs and butt crack. My hair brush was a mess. I always had comments on my beautiful locks and now I am left with a quarter of what I had and I hope not to lose that. I am still bulimic and trying to recover but trying to hide my hair loss has been trying. I have to make up stories to my family about my hair loss. I really had the thickest of beautiful hair and was always known for my hair but I gave that up to barf up my food. I am afraid my teeth are next and I paid $5,000 to get them straightened 5 years ago. I have only been purging for 10 months and I already have heartburn and tooth sensitivity besides the hair loss. Plus I have acne. I am a total mess because of my bulimia and I binge sometimes and just purge regular meals at times. I feel I am on the lower side of the spectrum and can't imagine more severe people dealing with this. For those that believe, may the higher power help you... For those, like I, may the strength be with you. Love Mel.

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