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My battle with the bulimia

by Sani

well,i'm 17 years and i have bulimia like 5 years and i want to stop it so badly. It all started when a guy told me that i was fat, although i knew that it isn't true, so i puke my first meal then and it become my habit. Two months ago, my mother caught me in the toilet and she told me that if i don't stop it myself, she'll take me to a psychologist. I didn't want to go, so i start changing, but it was so hard. I stopped eating and that was my worst decision ever. After that i start overeating again and start puking again and now all i want is to go away, because i cant handle it anymore. I don't puke like i use to, but i still do it like three or four times a week, and i am looking forward to the day when i will be normal again :)

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