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My Battle with Bulimia

by Vivienne Duff

My life was perfectly fine but then my mom was diagnosed with cancer and it made me downfall. In school I was teased a lot about my weight and appearance. They would call me fat, ugly and freak and chubby. I began to feel so depressed and isolate myself and used food as a way to cope emotions and stress. By the time I left Transition year my life was hell and Dad knew something was wrong and He looked for schools for me to be happy in. I went to Muckross Park college in Donnybrook. My eating disorder was getting out of hand, I was getting a lot of comments about my weight loss saying I Looked great and fantastic. Bu I knew Bulimia would kill me I spend all my money on junk food and fizzy pop to binge and purge. I feel tired getting sick and exercising too much. Now four years down the line I still do the same thing all over again I have started to go to Therapy to see a pyscothearpist to talk my feelings and how I felt and what caused me to have it. I still fight. No matter what If you know someone close to you or family get support and help them they are not alone

Vivienne Duff Dublin, Ireland

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