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My anorexia-then bulimia cycle

by Harper

I'm a cheerleader, 16 years old, and extremely aware of everyone else's view of me. When I started high school, I was loosing a lot of sleep, eating more, and gaining weight. When I was younger, I was constantly moving, doing gymnastics, and enjoying life. Thats why the weight gain suprised me so much *even though I looked great and didn't even weigh that much*. I decided to go on a diet, so I did. It worked too well. I got as low as X pounds and was sent to a few doctors to help. Once I gained some of my weight back, and began to have an appetite again, I started binge eating almost every night and threw up to make up for it. I deprived myself for a year and was eager to eat, eat, and eat! I began to know what treats would be easiest to puke up and still have a bucket in my bathroom to puke in. I haven't had my period in a year, I get dizzy a lot. I want to be the girl that I used to be- the one that made everyone happy, the one who was carefree, the one who made her parents proud (not worried). I feel like I can't tell my mom now because I already gave her so much trouble with anorexia. She thinks I'm better, and I really need to be now.

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