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My Advice to You

by Unknown
(Unknown, N,N)

Hi! I had Bulimia for 5 years. and although in the begging you feel alone and disgusted trust me there has to be one person that you can trust. I hid my secret for 4 years and til' today only one person knows about my sickness I've slowly began to recover because I opened up to my best friend and she helped me through this stage and I feel amazing. If your a beginner at this trust me there are other ways out of you depression and insecurities. DON'T harm yourself physically because that just make everything worse at the end. If I can go back and change what I did to myself I would. Although at the time it was my escape and my Drug. Now that I've overcome my insecurities and depression I wanna be happy and i am but I've affected myself physically and I'm scarred mentally. There is always another way out. And harming yourself doesn't need to be one of them. Trust me it's not even worth it at the end.

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