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My 4th year with Bulimia

by Vivienne Duff

I was a very happy, joyful girl who could have anything she wanted. I've always loved art, singing and dancing my passions. But my life changed in 2009. My mom was diagnosed with cancer. It was hard on me I began to feel so depressed and isolated myself. people in school were bullying me about my appearance. I got so down and starting to use food to get rid of my emotions. I lost lot of weight and got good commons but I knew I was still unhappy. My Dad moved me to another school for me to be happy in where my friends were at the time. But they didn't about my ed until we graduted in 2011. At my debs they all looked shocked to see so emaciated. My arms where thin and was so pale they all looked worried. Told them I was fine. But I knew I wasn't. I went to university to do acting but had to leave couldn't concentrate. Went to a different college i'm nearly a year. But I still have the monster inside. It's like Bulimia is my friend trying to ruin my life. I have a wonderful boyfriend so supportive, kind, understanding. well mannered and funny. But he doesn't know bout my illness. So i'm too scared to tell him.

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