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Most mortifying purging incident (s)

by lebanna

Heyy :) ok so heres my most traumatic/mortifying bulimic incident so far..

We were on a family holiday staying with some relatives in Colorado and it was the first time I'd ever met them. Anyways, after 50 hours of traveling, and no binge/ purge for that amount of time, i was RAVENOUS, and was so relieved when we got there and they had a fridge filled with every kind of food you could think of. so when everyone was sitting in the living room, i snuck into the kitchen and happily gorged on as much as possible, making sure no one would notice, then ran down to the bathroom, looking about 6 months pregnant as id ate so much. I got in the shower, the usual place i would purge, ran the water bent over, and it all came gushing out like a waterfall, until i was standing in basically 4 inches of puke. however, i hadn't thought to realize that the drainage system in Colorado was a lot different to the ones over here... in a panic i tried to force the puke down the plughole but it wouldn't work, and it was mixing with the water so it was clogging up the hole and not going down at all. in sheer desperation, being able to hear the relatives walking past the bathroom, i grabbed my handbag, emptied the contents of it on the floor and began using the bad to scoop up the puke in the bathtub and emptying it down the toilet it took for ever, and i felt like giving up, but i got it all out..eventually. however, that wasn't the end of my worries, i then went to go and run the water again to give the shower a final clean out,and it seemed to be going fine, when suddenly it cam spurting like a water fountain up from the plughole, so i grabbed a nearby toothbrush and rammed it down the hole, and it finally stopped.. the water passed through no problem. so with that i washed up away my evidence, soaked my bad in soapy water, leaving it to dry in the back bathroom cub hoard where no one would find it, got ready and crawled off to bed.

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