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Mood swings can be a sign of bulimia

by Lisa

If somebody you suspect is bulimic suffers from big mood swings - this could be a sign of bulimia.

Bulimics are always on a knifes edge as they have so much going on in their heads... Sometimes even the smallest things will get them into a rage.

Bulimics will be thrown into a bad or defensive mood especially when questioned about food... Especially people saying how much they are eating and questioning them about it.

I remember when i was bulimic my dad commented on something I ate. In most households it would have gone unnoticed - but I flew into a rage, went to me room, slammed the door and threw my cellphone against the wall...

I reacted so badly because i was so ashamed of what i was doing. I didn't hate my dad - i hated myself and my bulimia habit.

Rage was definiely a sign of bulimia in my case...

Thank God that those days are behind me now.

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