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Mom, I'm Bulimic

by Lindsay

Me about a year ago

Me about a year ago

Hi...I'm Lindsay. I'm sixteen years old and I have been bulimic for five years. I was bullied to the extent I would cry until my mother would let me stay home. What really kick started my eating disorder was my ex-boyfriend. Not a nice one at that. His name is Michael. This is the hardest thing to explain..To begin this, I was an over weight child all my life. I have low self esteem, and I was just very large and I hated it. I used to be x pounds. I am 5ft 8in tall. As you can see that is very unhealthy. And now I am x pounds..Not where I want to be anyway. But my lowest weight was x pounds. I looked sickly, disgusting, embarrassing. My doctor says a perfect weight for me would be x pounds. A goal I wish not to reach because I feel if I exercise I can lose weight healthfully. Back to Michael...Lets just say he was not very nice..and the only thing I'll go into detail about him was this. He cheated on me around six times with skinnier, prettier, gorgeous girls. And even though that happened I took him back every time. His reasoning has stuck in my head till this day. "Well maybe If you were as pretty and as thin as them, I wouldn't have to cheat." So me being desperate to hold onto the one thing I thought was great..I asked him how I could do this. His reply, " Make yourself throw up every time you eat." So I began to..I always thought I would just do it and lose a few more pounds and then I wont anymore. I was DEAD wrong. I got addicted. To the way it make me look and feel. Five dreadful years later I am still bulimic and currently trying to recover. Its like getting your best friend taken away from you. It's a scary battle I hope no one goes through.

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