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Mindful awareness

Hi shaye,

Hope all is well :)

I just finished reading 'mom please help' and noticed that they mentioned something about the mindful awareness CDs, I'm wondering if you've tried them out and whether you recommend getting them?

Oh also, for the exercises mentioned in the book, do you reckon I should try all of them together at the same time? My schedule might be a bit too full for all! Or does it actually not take so long?

Thanks so much, you're amazing!


Shaye Says

Hi there!

Thanks for your question! And WELL DONE for taking the step towards recovery by learning more about the importance of positive energy!

I haven't actually tried the mindful awareness CD's... So can't comment on them yet... I'll try save up a bit of money to purchase them and give them a review!

BUT... I think that you have more than enough to work on for now with just the book. .. So don't rush into buying the CD's... Focus on one thing at a time :)

The exercises in the book are definitely very helpful... And, the more that you can implement into your day at once, the better. But remember not to put too much pressure on yourself - Don't think "I HAVE to do it" because that will make you resist it... Rather think "I'd like to do this, how much am I comfortable doing today?" Challenge yourself gently - if that makes sense!

Start with something fun - like perhaps making the dream board - That will get your mind thinking of all the wonderful possibilities your future holds!

I wish that the program I have been working on over the last few months was ready - then I could direct you to that... But it's only going to be ready in September - so there's still some time to wait! Hopefully by the time I launch it - you will be long recovered :) Although, in saying that, it is a gradual journey - and mine took one year - which was absolutely fine!

Hope this helps!


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