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Meals others cook, going out to eat, RECIPES And, force feeding!

by Jessica

Dear Friends:

I joined this site a few days ago and am looking forward to recovering BUT here are my 3 big hurdles:

1.) My husband recently was transferred to Georgia and we are living with my dad and stepmom until we buy a house. The menu in their household is the epitome of southern food. Everything is smothered in gravy and butter. It's actually quite disgusting, but my stepmom gets very upset if I don't eat her food. She literally watches me make my lunch every day (I work from home and she is disabled and can’t work) to make sure that I am eating whatever we had the night before. Also, I am only 'allowed' to cook once a night for the family...never thought I would say that as a 24 year old. Anyway, I feel like I need to take baby steps with this recovery and I just know if I have to eat her food, I am going to want to get it out of me as soon as possible. I think, for me, I will need to start out eating small healthy meals and work on bigger meals and more calories once I am over the panic of it all.

2.) My husband started Date Night the week we got back from our honeymoon. It’s every Wednesday and the ONLY restaurant in this small town is a taco joint. That so happens to be my favorite kind of food. Queso and beans and greasy food. YUM! I always go into Date Night telling myself, “I am not going to overeat. Nope! Not this time!” …And I always give in.

3.) We do a lot of scheduled family dinners but often times I am not hungry when the time comes around. My family NAGS me insanely if I don’t eat, but if I do order something and don’t eat much since I am not hungry, they nag on me for that too. I feel like I am basically forced to get into a binge and purge situation. If I am not hungry, I don’t want to eat and I think that’s the way you should treat your body. You know? You eat when you’re hungry and when you’re not, you don’t.

So what do you guys think about the stepmom situation and how do I handle going out to eat and making healthier decisions that won't make me want to go to the bathroom? How do I get my family to leave me alone? Also, I love to cook, so please send me some of your favorite recovery recipes!

Thanks for your support,

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