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Male battling a 12 year battle with bulimia

My name is Dan and I have been bulimic for about 12 years now. It started when I was a wrestler during high school. The workouts would be so intense and I was so hungry and depleted when I got home. I knew I had to make weight, but could not resist junk food. I would binge and purge to maintain weight. I thought this bad habit was temporary, something I did during wrestling season, but it progressively got worse. This sickness has followed me everywhere. I'm always saying "tomorrow will be a different day" and tell myself I am going to stop for good. I feel like food runs my life. I find myself thinking about food the majority of the day. Sometimes I even think hard about my strategy of how I will purge without getting caught. This has been my secret since I was 16. I am married now and have two children, and one knows. I feel embarrassed that I have this problem and that no one will understand, especially since I'm a guy. I don't know what to do. Did I mention I am also in the military....which introduces even more problems within my current situation.

Shaye Says

I am so sorry to hear of your struggle Dan... I know how confusing and crazy bulimia can feel... but I promise you, you're not crazy. And you're not alone...

I hear from so many men who developed bulimia as a result of having to 'make weight' for wrestling. I was actually saying the other day to somebody that I think it must be one of the most common reasons I get from men who are battling bulimia. You see, pushing our bodies into dieting is very unnatural - for both men and women - it goes against everything that we, as human beings, are designed to do. We are not created to force ourselves into famine! And when we do... it backfires in the form of urges to eat all the time. Binge urges. As the years of this go on, it gets wired into our brains as a neural pathway habit... Even once we begin to feed ourselves again and we lose this 'primal hunger' - this strong habit remains.

The good news is that our brains are magnificent devices. We can change them in any way we choose! Yes, it takes a lot of work ans persistence... But once it's done - we can live a completely different life - free from any binge urges. This brain of mine now, in the areas that control appetite and food, is not the same brain I had 7 years ago! I have changed it - re-wired it... and you can do the same Dan.

If you would like more info on this, please feel free to check out the online recovery program that I run:

Keep pushing forward because recovery can be yours!


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