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Major slip up- 12 pound weight gain in one day

by Cara

Hi Shaye.

Firstly, thank you for reaching out and offering support and sound advice to those of us battling with our demons.

I have been regularly reading your site and I went close to a month without binging.. but saturday night I went out for the first time in ages and had a few drinks and became really anxious, left town early and came home and binged for two hours. I then woke up and binged the entire day. The scales told me I had gained 12 pounds in one day and my pants are all so tight I can hardly do them up.

I know this sounds irrational, but is it possible I have gained a large amount of weight in one day?

I have never thrown up, but abuse laxatives from time to time and exercise everyday and restrict what I eat.

I am back on track today ( headache from hell and massively blocked up )

Is there anything I can do to get my bowels moving and help reduce the bloat? I am so sore, my skin aches, my face is swollen and I feel awful. On the upside, I am ready to tackle bulimia head on and not let this set me back, (just count this as a big blip).. I know I can do this

Many thanks wonderful girl!


Shaye Says

Hi Cara!

I am so sorry for my delay in replying to you - I have been a little bit overloaded with work in the last few weeks.

To put your mind at ease... Now ways is it possible to gain 12 pounds in one day! Not even if you drank litres upon litres of oil! You have probably retained a whole lot of water - and also there will be a heavy load of food in your bowels waiting to pass through. This can easily add up in weight! It's important to remind yourself that food siting in your tummy is not fat!

I found that drinking 3 cups of peppermint or green tea each morning (30 mins before eating) really helped to get my bowels moving... It sort of flushed everything through!

I hope you managed to move on from your slip without beating yourself up too much... You should really be celebrating your month without binging! Remind yourself of your successes and learn from your slips... You WILL get there!!


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